What is a Trucking Accident?

A trucking accident occurs when a tractor-trailer has a collision with another person, vehicle or thing. Trucking accidents lead to serious damages and sometimes can be fatal. These types of cases are extremely complicated and requires the assistance of a lawyer who has experience as a trucking accident lawyer. Truck Accident Lawyers is here to take assist you with your case.

Trucking accidents occur on average every 16 minutes. A trucking accident can occur because of a various number of reasons, either caused by the driver or the tractor-trailer itself.

According to the U.S. Department of Transportation’s Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, in 2009, the estimated number of fatalities that were caused by large trucking accidents was 3,400. They also estimated number of injuries that were caused by large trucking accidents to be around 74,000.

Trucking accidents are commonly caused by driver fatigue, unsafe vehicle operation, unsafe/unstable loads. Between 1992 and 2002 there was a rise in the number of large trucking accidents that were fatal due to these reasons.

Trucking is a booming industry, with the demand for goods continuously increasing, so will the demand for trucking. Although this is good for the economy, this is not always good for other drivers on the road. Not all truck drivers cause accidents, but the ones who do should be punished for the harm that they caused.

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Important Facts
Q: Are trucking companies regulated by the Federal Government?A: Yes, the Federal Government had created a special set of rules and regulations for commercial motor vehicles. These rules were set by the Federal Motor Carrier Safe...
Q: How do I handle trucking companies after an accident?A: Most trucking companies have a skilled team of investigators, lawyers and claim negotiators on their side. These people will be there to help and protect the trucking com...
Q: What are the common causes of truck accidents?A: There are many reasons of why a trucking accident may occur and the list could go on and on. The most common causes of trucking accidents are: Lack of training for the truck dr...
Q: Are there any Federal laws that limit how many hours that a truck driver can operate their truck?A: Yes. In 1929 there was a restriction placed on the hours of service a truck driver can operate their vehicle by Federal law.
Q: Is there a law in which a truck driver must carry insurance?A: Yes, Federal laws require commercial vehicles to carry $750,000 of insurance to cover bodily injury and property damage. Most states also require insurance on vehi...
Q: Who can sue in a trucking accident?A: Any one is entitled to sue, with or without a fatality if someone else is at fault for the accident. Q: Who can be sued in an accident? A: Any person can be sued if they were found at faul...